Tuesday, April 23, 2024

ChatGPT Founder’s Worldcoin Sees Unprecedented Growth in Spain with AI Boom

Spain has become Worldcoin’s biggest operating market in Europe, according to a recent tweet of Worldcoin. The tweet claimed that more than 20,000 individuals join up for World ID, Worldcoin’s proof-of-personhood mechanism that protects anonymity, each month. This announcement comes just after Spain made substantial advancements in the growth of its artificial intelligence (AI) sector, placing Spain as a possible new hub for the EU’s AI business.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and founder of ChatGPT, co-founded the cryptocurrency Worldcoin, which has been making ripples in the industry. In a recent Series C fundraising round headed by Blockchain Capital, the business received $115 million, further consolidating its position as a significant player in the cryptocurrency industry.

Using an AI-safe proof of personhood (PoP) credential, Worldcoin’s World ID is a global identification system that enables users to digitally demonstrate their individuality and humanity.

Since World ID’s launch in Madrid a little more than a year ago, more than 150,000 Spaniards have signed up, with over 20,000 new registrations occuring each month. Due to its quick growth, Spain currently has the EU’s fastest-growing Worldcoin market.

The growth of Spain’s AI industry is the reason for World ID’s development there. Since 2020, Spain has reportedly achieved major strides in the development of its AI industry. Modern technology has made it necessary to determine which internet activity in Spain is related to people and which is not. In this situation, World ID is useful.

Adigital and Tech Barcelona, two of Spain’s most significant technology organisations, have joined Worldcoin’s contributing team at Tools for Humanity (TFH), in addition to extending World ID. This action strengthens Worldcoin’s dedication to promoting technical growth and AI that is human-centric.

The goal of Worldcoin, as stated in their official Twitter profile, is to create the biggest financial and identification network on Earth with everyone having the ownership. It seems they are close to attaining this aim based on the exponential expansion of World ID in Spain.

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