Tuesday, April 23, 2024

AntChain Integrates Zero-Knowledge Proof for Enhanced Privacy and Verification in Web3.0 Era

Ant Group’s AntChain has announced a new architecture upgrade for its privacy collaboration platform, AntChain FAIR, introducing Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) as a core technology for verifiable computation. This extends trustworthy data transfer to the verification of computation processes, data attributes, and identities.

ZKP is a cryptographic technique that enables one party (the prover) to demonstrate to another party (the verifier) that they are aware of a value or hold specific knowledge without disclosing any specifics about the information or value itself.

ZKP is seen as one of the most crucial technologies for the next five years in the Web3.0 era. It allows a prover to convince a verifier of the truth of a statement without revealing any additional useful information.

The integration of Ant’s AI security detection platform “Yijian” and Ant’s privacy computing platform “Yinyu” is seen as a significant future trend. Large-scale AI model training requires a lot of data, and these data need to go through privacy computing to ensure safety and reliability.

Companies and institutions adopting ZKP architecture can ensure that the entire process of data computation is carried out according to agreed conditions, is correct, and can be verified, all while maintaining privacy. This will greatly enhance the credibility of identity verification, AI model training, data transfer, asset transactions, and on-chain and off-chain collaboration, accelerating the penetration of Web3.0 into more complex industrial scenarios.

AntChain has optimized software algorithms to accelerate the “proof generation” phase to 2.8 times the original baseline. This phase involves generating a “proof” for data, identity, computation process, etc.

To lower the threshold for using ZKP, AntChain FAIR has introduced zkWASM, a new type of ZKP virtual machine, into its trusted computing architecture. This allows for instruction-level verifiable features and supports the conversion of algorithm programs written in various front-end languages without the need to understand complex underlying algorithm details.

AntChain FAIR is a privacy collaboration platform for data transfer, combining the advantages of blockchain and privacy computing. It resolves the natural contradiction between data sharing and privacy protection in the data flow process. It is currently being used in several data exchanges, including the Hangzhou International Digital Trade Center and the Guizhou Big Data Exchange.

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